ARCHITECTURE (verb) : cultural endeavour, professional service.
OFFICE (noun) : position of authority of a public nature.


ArtSpace is one of Australia’s leading art institutions, ideally located within the historic Gunnery Building in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. It’s residency-based program is internationally recognised as a hub for the development and promotion of new ideas and practices in contemporary art and culture.

The interface between the public, artists and ARTSPACE’s team is important, as is the sense of orientation and arrival to this important arts facility. The new reception counter facilitates an interface between visitors and the everyday workings of the team. This front-of-house presence offers both a personal presence as well as physical identity for the operations/management zone. The design quality of this space reflects the values of the organisation without overbearing the artwork or the heritage fabric of the building.

PROJECT: ARTSPACE Reception and Offices
CLIENT: Artspace Visual Arts Centre – Sydney
LOCATION: Woolloomooloo , NSW
YEAR: 2010
PEOPLE: [DRAW] John de Manincor, Sally Hsu, Lorraine Yip.
COLLABORATORS: Steensen Varming
PHOTOGRAPHY: Silversalt, Jennifer Leahy

ArtSpace-02 ArtSpace-01