ARCHITECTURE (verb) : cultural endeavour, professional service.
OFFICE (noun) : position of authority of a public nature.

Each project we undertake is unique.
We have developed a strategic approach to design and delivery in which we; analyse, hypothesize, synthesize and realize.

ANALYSE: An integral part of our work is analytical. We are rigorous in our analysis of the physical, social, economic and cultural issues of given project. Ongoing research continually equips us with the knowledge required to make informed decisions throughout the life of the project and beyond.
HYPOTHESIZE: Imagining what a project ‘might be’ is an exciting part of our process: the design phase. During this process we maintain our open dialogue with relevant stakeholders to ensure aspirations are fulfilled realized.
SYNTHESIZE: We work to combine project ideas and ideals with logistical and legislative constraints into conceptual and comprehensive whole.
REALISE: Technical resolution is the key to a successful project outcome ensuring the essence of the design is maintained through to construction. We are rigorous in our pursuit of clear and concise communication of our ideas to approval authorities and the construction industry.

This is by no means a linear process; these ideas pervade all aspects and stages of our work.